Nº59: Boy Meets Girl




Kenzo sunglasses // Favela long-sleeved men’s shirt, worn as dress c/o Favela // Izzue duster coat // Alexander Wang Freja ankle lace-up booties // Marc by Marc Jacobs watch // Nike FuelBand }

We all know how the story goes: boy meets girl, girl steals boy’s clothes. Duh. Luckily, I have a boy who is totally okay with me doing that… Sometimes. Thanks Favela for kitting me (well, him) out in what originally was just supposed to be a cheeky photo!

(I’m keeping the shirt.)


Photo Credit: Aesthetnik

05. November 2015 by jax
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Nº58: Athleisure


Kenzo sunglasses, sneakers // Sandro crop top // Izzue foldover cropped pant // Topshop pendant // Marc by Marc Jacobs  watch // Nike FuelBand }

Because who needs SoulCycle when I can just put on a similar getup and pretend to be glam on the Upper East Side? Also, yes, that is a new hair color situation.


Photo Credit: Aesthetnik

15. September 2015 by jax
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Nº57: Concrete Jungle






Kenzo sunglasses // Alexander Wang mesh cape // Bailey 44 perforated leather tank // Vintage asymmetrical dress worn as skirt // Senso leather and canvas sneaker // rag & bone x Intermix leather backpack // Marc by Marc Jacobs watch }

Who says black and white can’t work for summer? I’ve had this Wang cape for years now and it still never fails to make a statement – it’s over-the-top, yet still subdued enough for a casual outfit. Plus, I’ve been wearing these Senso babies so much these days that they’re fraying at the back – which is such a pity because the canvas stripes are such a cute accent on what would otherwise be your regular white sneaker. Also, side note – my hair no longer looks like this, but rather is now an ombré of brown, grey, and black. I’ll get around to posting pictures of that. Eventually.



Photo Credit: Adam Ilenich

30. June 2015 by jax
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Nº56: Leap of Faith

1.1 IMG_2669

Kenzo sunglasses // Priory of Ten leather shirt // J Brand skinny jean // Senso white leather sneakers // rag & bone leather backpack // Marc by Marc Jacobs watch }

It’s been a (cold) few months since I last posted, and it’s pretty telling how rough this past winter was – with the title of my last post being “Snow Bunny.” With the weather warming up, though, I’ve been starting to get more inspired again (having inspiring people in my life is certainly helping me on that front), and I’ve been taking many leaps of faith, big and small. First up, I swung by Washington DC again, almost exactly a year after my trip last year. I missed the cherry blossoms yet again – I seem to have terrible luck with timing there – but it was pretty nice to actually get to explore the city a little more this time with people I love. On a totally unrelated note, these Senso sneakers are actually giving me life right now. They go with everything and are the epitome of understated chic. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear them to death before 2015 ends.


Photo Credit: Aesthetnik

07. May 2015 by jax
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Nº55: Snow Bunny

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetAigle heavy-duty parka // Sandro Paris fleece sweatshirt // J Brand black skinny jean // COS stacked heel ankle boot // Chanel vintage flap bag }

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a news flash for you: It’s been ridiculously outrageously cold here in New York City. Being a transplant from the subtropical embraces of Hong Kong, naturally I am not entirely too pleased, but the silver lining of heavy snow is that it does make for some rather beautiful photos. I’ve been dabbling more heavily in Instagram these days, which is where you can find me (and plenty of snowy shots, with or without Nala in them) most of the time. Side note, these boots, while amazingly comfortable, had no traction on them whatsoever. What you don’t see in these pictures (captured by some of my favorite Instagrammers) is the fact that I practically slipped and slid all over the place before one useable shot was taken. I’m not really made for cold weather.


Photo Credit: Joseph Padiernos and Jaryl Campos

26. February 2015 by jax
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