Hello! I'm Jaclyn.

Hong Kong‘s my hometown; Boston my youth; London and Paris my muses; Berlin my evolution; and New York my home.

I’d call myself a creator and adventurer first; a photographer, aesthete, and busy bee second.

I’ve worked with and shot for Rihanna, Manolo Blahnik, PUMA, Made in America Festival, Champagne Armand de Brignac, Sennheiser, The Feed Feed, Classic Specs, and more. I’ve been featured in places like Forbes, AOL, Elle, PopSugar Fashion, Stylist Magazine, Yahoo! Style, Gothamist Magazine, The Feed Feed, and Taste the Style.

After long stints at Roc Nation and Rebecca Minkoff (digital marketing, creative production and direction, social media strategy), I’m ready for my next adventure. Contact me here.

I’m also the management director for the wonderfully talented Aesthetnik. If you came here looking to get in touch with him, please email me here.

Ich bin jetzt in Berlin! Für EU-basierte Möglichkeiten, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte hier.